Remote Work: The Autism Advantage

Many organizations are facing IT/software staffing challenges and project delays in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. During times when remote work is the only answer, highly skilled people on the autism spectrum can provide a solution to ensure your projects can continue with minimal disruption. Whether you need to temporarily replace staff members or off shore teams who are unable to work, or you need additional resources, auticon Canada is uniquely positioned to help.  

As the first company in Canada to exclusively employ people on the autism spectrum as IT consultants, we are uniquely positioned to help companies navigate through this challenging time.

We are equipped for remote work. 

auticon’s IT teams are accustomed to accessing our clients’ internal technology systems remotely. We operate in compliance with data security policies and have the infrastructure to work from home, remote offices, or on the road. Our consultants thrive in work-at-home environments and can often offer effective strategies to your teams as they adjust to remote work.

On average, our clients report a 60% increase in productivity when working with our autistic colleagues. 

Our job coaches and project managers keep us on track. 

auticon provides our own project managers and job coaches who regularly check-in with our IT consultants. auticon’s job coaches and project managers play a central role in the success of our colleagues through regular collaboration and support for the members of our team and our clients.

Our consultants are highly skilled and productive. 

IT consultants on the autism spectrum are known for their ability to focus on detail and avoid common distractions. On average, our clients report a 60% increase in productivity when working with our autistic colleagues.

The autism advantage for business. 

Working with people who think differently has clear advantages when it comes to innovation and finding solutions to complex tasks and issues. Our colleagues on the autism spectrum deliver unique advantages through measurable business impact including:    

  • First class quality work 
  • Unparallel productivity
  • Incorruptible evaluation
  • Clear communication 
  • Openness, diversity and honesty 
  • Genuine inclusion 

Our remote teams are ready to support your information technology projects today. We have global resources of over 200 technology experts (in many time zones) with skills including software development, managed services for network operations, testing and QA, cyber security, and business intelligence.

Before delaying projects or extending deadlines, please contact us at info@auticon.ca. We can help keep your projects on track.

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