Mastering the art of remote work: Tips from our experts

According to a recent press release from Gartner, Inc50% of organizations reported 81% or more of their employees are working remotely during the coronavirus pandemic. While some employees may have worked remotely from time to time, for many companies this is the first time much of their staff are working remotely and now they are doing so full-time! 

These same companies have been working hard to get their staff equipped from a technology perspective: laptops, monitors, upgraded internet/WIFI access, collaborative messaging tools, the list goes on. The Internet is awash with advice on how to manage remote work, but we thought we would go to some real experts: our consultants. In our experience, our colleagues on the autism spectrum communicate better and thrive in remote work settingsOur consultants have been a great source of inspiration and ideas for the rest of our company on mastering the art of remote work. 

Keep a Schedule: 

Anna Mae has been working for auticon Canada as an SQL Developer and Report Writer since January 2020. She is a fiercely dedicated volunteer serving on the  Board of Directors for the Calgary Fringe Festival and is one of the founding members of Pinups for a Cause which has worked with groups including HIV Community Link, SHARP Foundation, the Drop-In Centre, Boys and Girls Clubs, as well as Calgary Pride. She shares the importance of taking breaks and staying hydrated. Watch now:  

Stay Active: 

Derek has been with auticon Canada as a Software Tester since June 2018. Derek has a background in microbiology and virology, having spent some time conducting research with University Medical Hospital in Calgary. He is also a Certified Master Diver. He places an emphasis on staying active. Watch now: 

Setting goals and tracking success:

Marie-Pier has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Laval University and has been with auticonsult since January 2020.  She is currently doing an internship in artificial intelligence and has worked as a specialized educator. Marie-Pier gives some tips and strategies for setting goals, tracking success, and checking off the to-do list. Watch now: 

Be responsive 

Matthew is one of our veteran consultants and has been working with auticon Canada as a Lead Software Tester since June 2016. Matthew has painted murals around the city of Calgary and was the lead guitarist in a metal band. He advises you to continue to be as responsive as if you’re working in an office. Watch now: 

The reality is that even after this pandemic crisis has passed, remote work will continue to be a significant component of the future of work culture. David Aspinall, the CEO of our sister company auticon US explained in a recent piece on CNBC that having a team capable of working from home is very powerful. Companies that decide, after the coronavirus crisis ends, to rely more on telecommuting in the future need to have a workforce that’s capable of working remotely. Hiring more people with autism could be the answer. Not only does it bring more diverse ways of thinking to a team but it’s also an ideal way to make sure that you’re staffed up with people who naturally excel at remote work. 

Hiring highly-skilled and talented people on the autism spectrum will enable organizations to stay ahead.  

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