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Why auticon for IT consulting

Business analytics, quality assurance, and complex software development projects are becoming increasingly important. IT departments demand precision and lateral thinking. This is where auticon’s extraordinary employees come in. All of our consultants are on the autism spectrum and have unique cognitive strengths, such as:

  • Attention to detail
  • Systematic approach to tasks
  • Logical analysis
  • Pattern recognition
  • Error detection
  • Sustained concentration

People with autism are an asset to any team, bringing cognitive diversity and new perspectives. Specific talents in logic, accuracy, and pattern recognition, as well as intense interests in the areas of IT, physics, mathematics, and technology, are prevalent in the autism community. Autism-specific cognitive skills can significantly enhance output quality in the areas of IT or compliance many blue-chip organizations across the globe rely on auticon in areas including:

  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Analytics
  • Software Development & Migration
  • Compliance & Reporting

Our consultants deliver:

  • First class quality of work
  • Fast work pace
  • Unbiased evaluations
  • Bulletproof documentation
  • Innovative solutions to unsolvable problems

About Autism

Autism affects a person’s cognition, perception, emotions, and behaviours. auticon currently employs more than 300 autistic professionals across Canada, the USA, the UK, Europe and Australia.

Even though autistic adults often have extraordinary technical or cognitive abilities, many find it difficult to secure or maintain mainstream employment. auticon leverages this potential and is the first enterprise to exclusively employ autistic adults as consultants. By creating autism-positive work environments and offering tailored and sustained support mechanisms to its autistic employees, auticon is able to provide its clients with a means to tap into the amazing talents of autistic people while creating rewarding long term careers for its team.

It is our business …

to create opportunities for people on the autism spectrum to do highly qualified work. Working with colleagues with autism is first and foremost an entrepreneurial decision that takes us all forward as people, because welcoming neurodiversity makes every team stronger. A neurodiverse workforce promotes innovation, improves communication, and creates a culture of inclusion through diversity and openness. 

The auticon business model is based on that of classic IT consultancy: highly talented IT experts are employed by auticon on a permanent basis. Each consultant’s particular skill set is then matched to a specific client project, and clients are charged a day rate that matches prevailing standards. The extraordinary talent of its autistic consultants is what makes auticon unique: pattern recognition, sustained concentration, exceptional attention to detail – these are just some of the cognitive strengths that deliver extra benefit to our clients.

What our clients say

“We needed to get people in who we knew we could get up to speed quickly and could do a good job for us in a relatively short period of time. The whole experience was positive.”

Paul Hill | Head of Global Propositions Development at Experian

“The auticon consultant’s technical know-how has been firmly implemented within our internal systems and procedures as best practice standard. The entire team has now taken on his structured approach to new tasks. ”

Andrea Schulz | Allianz Group IT Reporting

Logo for Siemens

“Two consultants from auticon supported our test service provider evosoft GmbH. The consultants performed analysis, creation and implementation of functional system and regression tests. The employees familiarized themselves very quickly and were already able to exceed the average 125 test case processes/day by almost 50 % in the first week. We are more than satisfied with the speed and quality of auticon consultants.”

Rainer Degenhardt | Programme-Manager at Siemens and René Matthäi | Portfolio-Manager at evosoft

Our consultants

Martin Neumann, auticon Consultant, sitting at a desk admist several monitors.

“auticon enables me to work the way I want to work: I can fully focus on the quality of my work and don’t have to worry about those factors that may stop me from doing an excellent job. The best thing about working for auticon is that I can do what I’m good at.”

Martin Neumann

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