From Biology to Binary

Meet our colleague Paige

For Women’s History Month, we want readers to hear from some of the wonderful women on the autism spectrum who work at auticon. Today, we talk to Paige Binsley, a new member of our Quality Assurance team who has entered into our Internship Program.

Paige was diagnosed with autism as an adult after completing a human biology degree at USC. Before coming to auticon, Paige worked with local non-profits that serve people with autism and other developmental disabilities. Paige was an office manager and she facilitated programs for adults. She continues to stay involved in her community by organizing and attending social events for people on the spectrum. In her spare time, Paige enjoys creative activities like making ice cream and playing the trumpet.

“I feel very comfortable being in a company where my autism is understood”

What made you decide to go into IT?

I decided to go into IT because I enjoy learning new things, and I was looking for intellectually stimulating employment. When I found out that here in LA, auticon offered a training program for people like me who don’t necessarily have a tech background, I was very excited for the opportunity. I passed the training and got hired for an internship. I am currently an intern, and I hope to experience further career development at auticon.

What do you particularly enjoy in your profession?

I enjoy expanding my knowledge of technology. When one of my coworkers introduced me to binary code, it was amazing to learn about that for the first time. It is a new perspective for me to be in the tech field. I also enjoy the work environment and the support of the auticon team. I feel very comfortable being in a company where my autism is understood.

Why do you think there are only about 20% of women in the IT industry?

I think there are a lot of factors that explain the lack of women in the IT industry. Perhaps it has been a male dominated industry, and that can be intimidating. I certainly have felt that way. Another factor might be that women can be the person in the home who takes on the majority of domestic tasks, even when they are working full time, whereas it is more accepted for men to spend much time at work and away from the home.

Which of your autistic strengths can you use in your job?

In my job, I use my ability to pay attention to details, notice patterns, and be very focused on my work. I also tend to be reliable, punctual, and dedicated.

What advice would you give other women in IT?

I would advise other women to take a chance and explore the IT field if they have not already done so. I would also advise women who are working in the IT field to encourage and mentor women who are newer to the field.

Are you on the autism spectrum and looking for a career in technology? You have a good eye for details, can concentrate perseveringly, recognize patterns and errors or like to analyse questions logically?

Whether you are an expert or a beginner: If you are interested in IT, then we should get to know each other.

We offer interesting projects in the areas of Quality Assurance & Testing, Analytics, Software Development & Migration as well as Compliance & Reporting. We only employ people on the autism spectrum as IT consultants and offer them an autism-friendly working environment.

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