Information technology consulting in Canada

With a high demand for data quality and flawless software development, auticon provides a neurodiverse and agile workforce to improve our client’s IT projects.

Our hybrid onsite and offsite teams utilize the cognitive benefits of autism to provide the sustained concentration and analytical mindset that makes us wired for success.

We serve our clients by Canada by recruiting, training, and employing adults on the autism spectrum for lifelong careers in technology. In addition to our training, many have achieved higher education or work experience in computer sciences, mathematics, and IT, but have struggled to adapt to traditional work environments. auticon’s team members are assigned to client projects that match their skills and expertise.

Our teams include fully-trained personnel specializing in software development, data analysis, quality assurance and testing, automation engineering, and more. auticon works hand-in-hand with our clients and the local autism community. We encourage diverse work cultures, recognize each employee for their individual talents, and deliver outstanding quality to our customers.

auticon consultants are assigned to client projects that match their skills and expertise and work in the client’s project team. Our experience with autistic and non-autistic professionals in mixed project teams opens new perspectives and often significantly improves work performance. All auticon consultants and our clients are supported in their daily work by our specially trained job coaches and project managers.

Key Facts:

  • > 300 employees worldwide
  • ~ 200 autistic employees
  • Operating in 8 countries
  • Winner: Fast Company Magazine World-Changing Idea

Our Mission

Our mission is to match our colleagues on the autism spectrum with a work environment where they can meet their potential. We support our consultants and clients with job coaches and project managers.

IT consulting services include

Our teams include fully trained personnel specializing in multiple technology disciplines including:

  • Software development
  • Data analysis
  • Quality assurance and testing,
  • Automation engineering