Toronto Team

Ali Dussault

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Ali Dussault, Regional Operations Director & Regional Employement Coordinator, auticon Canada

Ali is pleased to be joining auticon Canada in the dual role of Interim Regional Director of Operations and Regional Employment Coordinator.  She has been supporting individuals on the autism spectrum in home, academic, community and employment settings for over 18 years and holds a Master of Special Education in Autism and Developmental Disabilities. Prior to joining the auticon team, Ali served as Clinical Director of the Gold Centre’s Abili-T and Abili-T+ programs, as well as Manager of Services and Programs at ISAND.  These experiences enabled her to integrate her clinical skills with a strong, strategic approach to management.   With a passion for Positive Behaviour Support, and for celebrating neurodiversity, she is eager to support her colleagues on the spectrum, as well as Toronto’s business community to embrace neurodiversity in the workplace.

Nikki Gore

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Nikki Gore, Regional Director, Business Development, auticon Canada

Nikki is a global marketing leader with over 25 years’ experience developing and implementing integrated marketing strategies, supporting sales teams, and building high-performance marketing teams for B2B technology companies. In addition to joining the auticon team, she runs a marketing consulting firm helping small to medium size B2B tech companies build up and scale out their marketing and business development capabilities. Nikki has also held executive marketing positions for technology companies ranging in size from start-up to growth to global multinationals. As the parent of a child on the autism spectrum, she has volunteered with non-profits and advocated for delivering inclusive experiences for children and young adults with diverse abilities.