Montreal Team

Pierre Bissonnette

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Pierre Bissonnette, General Manager, auticonsult Canada

Pierre is the General Manager for the Quebec region. He has a strong international experience with a focus in the Information and communications technology (ICT) sector. Pierre is a professional engineer and has an MBA, both from McGill University. Pierre’s leadership experience includes having successfully built sales, marketing, engineering and operational teams In North America and abroad within companies such as Nortel Networks and Huawei Technologies. Most recently, through his consultancy company, SnapJack Technologies, Pierre has been advising executives of technology start-ups. Pierre always maintained a strong interest and passion for corporate social responsibility. Pierre is proud to be part of auticon, a global services company that has a high social impact through creating sustainable job opportunities for hundreds of high-functioning neurodiverse IT professionals with autism.

Bruno Wicker


Bruno Wicker, Expert, National Director of Recruitment and Research, auticonsult Canada

Holding a PhD in Neurosciences and CNRS researcher, Bruno Wicker devotes since 2010 a large part of his activity in the implementation of projects aimed at improving the lives of people with autism / Asperger’s Syndrome, particularly at the level of socio-professional integration. He lives in Montreal with his spouse Dr. Isabelle Hénault, Director of the Clinique Autisme & Asperger de Montréal.

Alain Bessette

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Alain Bessette, Development Director,  auticonsult Canada

Project manager, development director, producer, developer, technical writer, production manager, webmaster… all roles assumed over more than two decades by Alain Bessette in several domains. His diverse experience has prepared him well for his important role within auticonsult, which he proudly embraces with the rigor, efficiency and attention to detail that characterize his entire career.

Martin Prévost

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Martin Prévost, Regional Employment Director, auticonsult Canada

Martin Prévost has been a stakeholder and manager in the field of employability for more than 25 years, seven of which were dedicated solely to people with autism. He participated in the development of an integration and employment retention model for people with autism that is still used in Quebec, as well as in France now. Martin is renowned for his listening skills and his ability to innovate.

Gioia Anelli

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Gioia Anelli, Marketing, Operations and Events Coordinator, auticonsult Canada

Gioia Anelli is our Marketing, Operations & Events Coordinator. After graduating from a 3-year Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management program, Gioia dedicated herself to enhancing her skills outside of her school curriculum. Her skillset covers social media, websites, marketing, accounting and much more. With her knowledge and passion for business, she is excited to have joined the Montreal team of auticonsult Canada.