Auticon Demonstrates Power of Social Innovation in New Impact Report

2022 Global Impact Report Measures Impact of Long-Term Employment for Autistic Adults.

 September 22, 2022 (Toronto) – auticon Canada, an organization that recruits, trains, and employs adults on the autism spectrum for lifelong careers in technology, announced the release of the auticon 2022 Global Impact Report. This report looks at the impact the global organization has on long-term sustainable employment for autistic individuals worldwide and illustrates how its model of social innovation is changing lives and making organizations neuro-inclusive.

It is estimated that less than 22% of autistic individuals are in any form of meaningful employment and data indicates that the majority of autistic people want to work and have much to offer, but over 40% of autistic Canadians find the interview process a great challenge and 45% feel they have to mask autistic traits. As a mission-driven organization, auticon works to solve the crisis of unemployment impacting autistic adults and advises clients on building inclusive workplaces. auticon’s autistic team members (numbering 265 globally in 2022) are employed as highly skilled technologists specializing in software development, data science, and quality assurance. Client organizations get first-hand experience working with someone on the autistic spectrum and benefit from auticon’s expert training on inclusive workplace practices to eliminate barriers such as a complex recruitment process, lack of support at work, poor autism awareness, and employer prejudice.

A closer look at auticon’s talent through the Global Impact Report reveals compelling details about the challenges many on the autism spectrum face, despite being highly qualified to work:

  • 32% of auticon’s consultants have a Masters degree or higher
  • 85% had been unemployed or under-employed at the time of applying to auticon
  • 81% agree that the work they do now at auticon matches their skills

Approximately 20% of people identify as neurodivergent, meaning they have been diagnosed with a condition such as autism, attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, or dyspraxia. While diversity, equity, and inclusion are high on the corporate agenda, neurodiversity is still poorly understood. auticon Canada believes that affecting change in one life is the starting point for changing society and, therefore, measures its social performance in terms of the individual impact it makes on its consultants’ lives, the organizational impact it has on its clients, and ultimately the impact of its work on society at large.

An auticon Canada consultant shared, “I have financial security. Prior to working for auticon, I didn’t have long term employment opportunities. I now live independently and feel secure in my future.”

For auticon’s clients, social innovation is very real. “Small accommodations to daily work in order to support the autistic worker can provide greater output and proficiency. Additionally, different ways of looking at a problem can find more elegant solutions,” said one Canadian client team member. According to the report:

  • 80% of Canadian clients say auticon resources made valuable contributions to their projects
  • 50% say team communications have improved
  • 70% have a greater understanding of neurodiversity because of working with auticon

“The competition for talent across Canada continues to be intense,” said Garth Johnson, CEO, auticon Canada. “At auticon, we are showing employers how they can engage with a largely untapped pool of neurodivergent talent. As a result, more Canadian companies are reaping the benefits from the unique skills our consultants can bring to their teams.”

“In a business climate where skilled people are hard to find, we provide clients with an often-over-looked source of talent and prepare their organizations to become a destination for neurodiverse talent,” added Meeta Thareja, auticon’s Chief Social Innovation Officer.

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